Thursday, 27 March 2008

Buying more friends

I cracked again and ordered some miniatures. 10 infantry and 3 cavalry to be precise.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I am thinking about building a Slaaneshi chaos mortal army from 'The Babes That Time Forgot' from Maidenhead Miniatures. My first order should give me enough to build a SoBaH warband and if things go well I can build it up from there. This will be an interesting project as there will be a small amount of sculpting involved as to satisfy my own prudishness I will be giving some of the more scantily clad babes some nice fur bikinis to keep them warm.

I really should be cracking on with some painting.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking those lasses were a bit risque.

"Mummy, what's daddy doing?" "He's just providing a negative stereotype for you young uns, and generally oppressing women with his scantily clad amazons."

I do like the ones with the sensible amounts of armour and the double-handed stone weapons though.

You going to see if they'd fit with the Bloodbowl Amazons and convert some of the latter if they do?

Maccwar said...

I'd not considered the Bloodbowl amazons to be honest but they might be a bit cartoony to fit. The Maidenhead chicks are pretty slender compared to GW's usual heroic style.