Thursday, 19 February 2009

Waiting for busses

... and then two come along at once.

The first batch of dwarves for the year are almost finished.


Anonymous said...

How many dwarves, and what sort?

And have you painted them pink?

Like my beastmen mutants.

Maccwar said...

Short ones.

Oh okay, they're more of the Battle for Skull Pass ones. I'm doing them in a batch of six in fairly muted colours, they're not that great to look at but they'll do. I have to say I'm not all that inspired by the models but the I'm just getting colour combinations worked out for the rest of the regiments I'll be doing.

Yes I like the mutants. I should go over and comment.

Anonymous said...

Cool. They're just good for filling in numbers then if nothing else.

You're not tempted to convert them into Chaos Dwarves?

(The last bit was meant to be more of a "and have you painted them pink, like my beastmen mutants" rather than "do you like my beastmen mutants?")