Thursday, 24 September 2009

Life in the slow lane.

This week hadn't been very productive. I'd had PNKD every night which has stopped me from painting. Yesterday I had yet another attack and was contemplating another evening of shooting cowboys on Smokin' Guns but instead I decided to at least try to do some painting.

The attack was reasonably mild and confined mostly to my right side and I didn't have any spontaneous movements either which made painting a possibility. I decided to try somethign easy - basecoating the remaining 'stealers and in the end it turned out rather well. I positioned the model with my left hand and did a basic brush stroke action with my right, bracing both hands in close to my body. It may to have been the neatest or the quickest painting I've ever done but I managed to get through all the remaining 'stealers and put a black wash on the carapice too.

This morning (with all limbs functioning correctly) I washed the purple areas (the heads and the hands) of the stealers so that they're all ready for highlights when I get a chance to paint. I even black washed a couple more 'stealers which had been on the shelf and I'd forgotten to do last night. My unconcious mind had helpfully woken me up in the night to inform me that I'd missed them ... gee, thanks.

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