Monday, 6 September 2010

Wake me up when September starts

A whole month without a post? How did that happen?

Well truth be told, August was not the best month for painting. Holidays and other activities ate into available painting time so I have not managed to complete anything new, my camera is also playing up so I've not managed to put up any more pictures either.

I have managed to put some more stuff together and get it primed so I will have things to be getting on with when the spraying season (aka summer) ends.

Games wise I now have two games of 8th edition under my belt (w1:l1:d0) and I am eyeing up a tournament in November. Can I get all my high elves painted in time? We shall see.


fiendil said...

Which tournament?

I'm doing Epic next weekend, Malifaux in November, and I'm now tempted by the next Flames of War in December, all at Maelstrom.

I need to update too. Played a Flames tournament this weekend just gone...

Maccwar said...

This one:-

Two tournaments a year looks like my limit at the moment.

And yay, my camera isn't broken. I'll have to get some new pics up.

fiendil said...

Dang. I'm in Leeds on the Saturday for Damnation festival, and, if I wasn't taking V along with me, I'd stop in Macc for the night and come out and play either Epic or Hordemachine.

fiendil said...

"Dressed Crab

Where did you get that little critter from he's soooooooo cute!

Oh and I hear you've been speaking to a nice chap from Mantic."

I was nosing around the TacComm forums, saw these Crabs in someone's army, then randomly found the thread discussing them, asked, and got some sent. They're not that cheap, but they're cheaper than the non-existant equivalent by you know who would be... The dude has been careful to make sure there's enough differences to the IP protected model, and has sculpted up a load of other quality stuff.

Yeah. Mantic had an display on at Maelstrom when I was up there on a Saturday. So went and had a talk about some douche who kicked off on them because he submitted a 2GB video as an entry to one of their competitions and didn't win anything, and about your stuff.