Monday, 1 November 2010

Detour ---->

Where did October go?

Well, anyway the Autumn Showdown is now less than a week away and I still have have a load of painting left to do.

So why didn't I do all the painting in November I hear you ask, because I was painting my Epic Armageddon Imperial Guard of course. I got an email from an old friend saying that he would be over for a game on the 27th of October. That game me a good excuse to crack out the old guard army which has lain untouched for several years. A bit of time and effort later and I managed to get everything for the game painted up (about 20 tanks and a load of infantry).

In the end we only managed to get two turns played on the night because we were too busy catching up but both armies got admiring looks from passers by at the gaming centre.

But now I have 20 spear men, an archmage and a chariot to finish if I want to use the HE army I've been hoping to use at the Autumn Showdown. Something tells me this is likely to be a busy week.

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Anonymous said...

Again, thanks for the game.

I'm wishing I'd taken that list to the GT this weekend just gone, as I spanked the guy who came in first with it a couple of weeks back, and the only person who did take LatD came in third...

I'll update my blog one of these days. I've got bigger things to worry about at the moment though. Got made redundant 2 weeks ago. Company lost 2 contracts at once, and most of us got laid off. I've got a lot of stuff to do at home though, and I've got a number of jobs I've been pointed at in the meantime, so I'm not in a bad place yet.