Thursday, 24 April 2014

Black and blue

Carnage PD has arrived in force ... well I've finished painting them anyway.

Carnage PD in action photo a3c82ad2b02e823ef919233459bba3aa.jpg

And some more agents - this time with body armour and a couple of assault rifles.

 photo 7a46c4511dd36de42eb1ac581bf72d4e.jpg

This means that I only have the Russian Mafia and some characters left and then the miniature painting side of the Office Down game will be complete (until I decide to reinforce one of the factions!). After that I will be free to finish assembling and painting the rest of the scenery.


Anonymous said...

It has occurred to me, that your scenery and models for Carnage/Ossifer Down for Batman...

Haven't played yet, but there's rules and downloadable cards on the Knight Models site. And then you just need Batman (or Watchmen) models from Knight, or clix or wherever.

(I'm playing Arkham Origins on the PC, and reading the comics, and it just popped into my head.)

Maccwar said...

Great minds think alike. ;-)

I do indeed have plans to expand OD to include a variety of scenarios from film/TV/comics. I have been looking at the Knight version of Green Arrow and shuddering at the price tag.

Officer Murphy of Carnage PD has already been purchased and painted but not yet posted on the blog.

And if you are in Macc for October the 30th I will be running "And Stay Down" the Halloween special version.

Anonymous said...

Ooo. Now that's an interesting proposition. That's my birthday week, and I normally try and spend a couple of days around my birthday in Macc.

I've got the Penguin crew, Scarecrow and Killer Croc from Knight. Croc's a reasonable price for his size, but the rest are very expensive.