Monday, 9 June 2014

All present and correct

As promised I've cleared a load of dwarves off my workbench. Firstly another rank of GW plastics.

 photo d843f125b3f28e62b9b112cf3be74278.jpg

And then some BTD metals that I rather like.

 photo f94c3e40d05b330cb8e96ccfdf767870.jpg

Looking in my dwarf army box it is actually beginning to look like I could have a serviceable army painted up with a bit more effort applied. I've been painting the occasional rank or two here and there for a while and it has all been adding up.

But this week's big painting item is some ponies from SLAP Miniatures. I bought these earlier in the year as I had promised to buy some if they ever went into production. I wasn't sure what to do with them but with my youngest daughter's 8th birthday coming up I decided to paint them up as a birthday present for her.

 photo 0488517b2fcb6ca8acf41e62b4e9802d.jpg

I have put on two layers of varnish but even so I don't expect them to stay intact for long.

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