Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Send for reinforcements

Following the plan of "completing" things I took time out over the weekend to assemble every last remaining Mantic elf in my collection. We have here:-
  • 20 Stormwind Cavalry (2 regiments)
  • 10 Kindred Tallspears
  • 20 Kindred Gladestalkers
  • 30 Kindred Archers (1 regiment and 1 troop)

Now that they are assembled I need to fill some gaps in the horses (I didn't do a very good job of putting them together). After that everything will get washed in detergent (to remove grease/release agent) then have sand applied to the bases before priming.

If I can get this batch of elves painted up in a reasonable time scale I will be very happy. I still have some elves from a previous batch part painted on my workbench so those will get done first and I'm sure there will be the odd interruption but I'm keen to get cracking.

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adeptgamer said...

Go go go my friend! You can do it!