Wednesday, 31 December 2008

End of year round-up 2008

And now, the end is here
And so I face the final curtain
My friend, I'll say it clear
I'll state my case, of which I'm certain

Well that was 2008. Yes I know that there's a few hours left but the PNKD has kicked in and I don't think I'll be doing any more buying or painting in the remaining time.

First off the headline figures (pun intended).
Miniatures Bought: 44
Miniatures Painted: 86
Miniatures Sold: 42 (all unpainted)

So in the 28mm category I managed to reduce the lead pile by 84 miniatures. If I hadn't succumbed to the lure of collecting an all female army then those stats would have been even better.

... or taking another view of this year's progress I have added two new units to my Warhamer Orc and Goblin army and replaced my old classic citadel giant with something a bit more imposing. I have also created a new skirmish force for Song of Blades and Heroes expanding my green hordes into yet another system.

Stands Bought: 0
Stands Painted: 34
Stands Sold: 12 (all unpainted)

On the 15mm front its all good news, nothing bought and two armies worth of miniatures painted up. The lead pile didn't quite dip by 46 stands as some of the stands painted were squigs that I'd made myself from greenstuff. The woodelf army I completed was listed as being 80% complete in my January the 9th post as well.

This year's 15mm painting effort means that I now have a new army to play with (Wood Elves) and I've expanded my Night Goblins so that they're a much more useable force.

What about 2009?
I've enjoyed trying to keep to the pledge and it has been quite effective at reducing the lead pile so I've decided to sign on for the pledge again for 2009. See here for details.

What didn't I get done?
To be honest I didn't get as much painted as I had hoped really. I have all my excuses lined up ... I moved house, things have been rather hectic and also my PNKD has been worse than its been for about 10 years or so. This is actually the first time I can remember tracking a year's output so I don't know how it compares with what I've accomplished in previous years. I still have plenty to work on and at the current rate I think I could carry on with the pledge until 2012 before running out of miniatures in the lead pile.

Thanks to all of you who have stopped by and taken the time to read some of my ramblings. See you in the new year.

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