Sunday, 26 July 2009


If you've read any of the recent posts on this blog you'll know that I'm having trouble finding days when I can both pick up a paintbrush and have enough control over my muscles to be able to do anything with it. So this weekend I got to thinking - things might be hard at the moment but am I going to let my condition slow me down? Well yes, obviously, duh!

But seriously, I got to thinking if there was anything I could try and do when my symptoms are mild enough well, to be able to do something. So this weekend I gave a few things a go and it turns out I can do some of the more basic tasks like glueing sand to bases etc.

I've also managed to snatch a few clear moments over the last couple of weeks so I have a few things to show off:-

Firstly this is the next batch of dwarves which I will be priming as soon as the great British summer throws up a dry day.

Next up ... a landraider ... THE landraider. I've had this model for years. Every attempt I've made so far to get it ready for use on the tabletop has stalled. Today I finally got the darned thing assembled and now all it needs is some paintwork. I'm optimistic that it will be ready for a game sooner rather than later.
Land Raider

Another assembly job I've managed to tick off this weekend - some space marine bikes. I bought these two years ago to the day and I've finally put them together.
Space Marine Bikes

And finally these are all the dwarves I have finished so far this year. I'll get decent shots of them when I've sorted the basing.
Painted Dwarves

So that's it for now, things are definitely moving though which has cheered me up no end.

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