Thursday, 30 July 2009

Keeping track

Just in case anyone wants to know the score ...

14 purchased vs 20 painted

I'm winning!

Okay so I might not have managed to paint all that many miniatures so far this year but I have managed not to buy many either. Here's hoping that the second half of this year gives me more of a chance of making a dent in that lead pile.


Anonymous said...


I'm not winning.

Well, I'm beating 2 of my 3 regular opponents on the tabletop, and outpacing 2 of the 3 at painting, but I'm not winning at purchased v painted.

Good to see you're actually able to do some work on things. Sounds like your household is having it quite rough at the moment...

Maccwar said...

I've not managed to get in a game for months. I must do something about that.

Did I mention the swine flu?

Anonymous said...

That's the icing on the cake of "rough".

It's odd. I've had little groups to run with along the years, and suddenly I seem to be able to turn out and play regular like with this lot.

Maybe it's an age thing.