Sunday, 4 October 2009

Good weekend

Painting wise this has been a really good weekend not only did I not buy anything (!) I also managed to finish 8 more figures with 8 underway as well.

At the end of last week I had a chance to do some painting but I had mild PNKD symptoms at the time so didn't feel up to tackling the terminators. Instead I settled on the LOTR wood elves I bought earlier in the year and decided to block out the areas of colour that I could manage. Since then I've carried on with them and I now have 7 elves finished and the remaining 7 washed and ready for highlighting. I've also started painting and elven bard I bought for the Mrs and finished the broodlord too. I might get back on the right side of the pledge after all.

71 painted vs 104 purchased.


fiendil said...

Elven Bard for the Mrs?

Present, roleplaying character, or wedding cake topper?

Or is this the nerd equivalent of buying flowers cos you've done something wrong?


Maccwar said...

D&D Character. Its a lovely figure by reaper which I had to order from the states.

In my campaign I use MapTool so I don't need miniatures.

It was meant to be used in a couple of adventures that Daniel ran to fill in when I had a touch of writers block but sadly it arrived too late. It'll be ready for next time though.

I do hope she likes it.

fiendil said...

That's proper sweet.

Couldn't do something like that for mine though. It's more the Marilyn Manson tickets she's getting for her birthday that makes her happy.