Thursday, 15 October 2009

The hare and the tortoise

Okay so maybe more tortoise, less hare but I have been chipping away at things. The Mantic order arrived along with another free sample so I received 54 miniatures + a warmachine in the end. For those of you who like photos I've done some unboxing ones to show off what you get from mantic here.

I've not quite felt up to painting this week so I've spend my time clipping, trimming and glueing. I now have the whole elf warhost assembled and washed. Tonight I'm aiming to glue the sand on the bases so I can have a crack at spraying them over the weekend it the weather's not too bad (and the forecast is good).

If I manage the get a good rythm up with painting the elves and get them completed in a reasonable time then I intend to expand the army. With the addition of characters I reckon the warhost will stretch to about 1000 points. Mantic will be issuing cavalry and palace guard (all the two handed weapon options for the special slots in the army) in the next few months so next year I'd like to take the army right the way up to 2000 or 2250 points. Right now I'm trying to focus on getting as much painting done as possible without buying any more stuff.

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fiendil said...

I have taken photos, but I'm haring it, and taking long snoozes between flurries of activity.

Course, it doesn't help that I'm processing a block of 100 or so random photos, while trying to concentrate on pinning the heck out of a load of metal models and doing stuff to the house...