Sunday, 14 March 2010

Back to the slow lane

No major progress to report.

Everything I ordered for the army has now arrived and the cavalry bolt thrower + crew and mage are all assembled under coated and in some cased part painted.

For various reasons I have not managed to get in a proper painting session for a while so I have been trying to do some of the tasks which don't require much skill or attention which is why I have been doing the easy bits on new miniatures rather than finishing off ones I have already started.

One other point of note ... I seem to have also ended up buying 20 more High Elf spear men. Originally I got a box of 10 for conversions and possibly chariot crew and then I got a command box to go with it and now I don't know what to do. For Warhammer a second unit of spears doesn't make much sense right now but maybe this will change with 8th edition or maybe Mantic's rule set will materialise at some point and make them relevant. For now they sit in their boxes with their wrappers intact until I work out what to do.

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