Monday, 29 March 2010

Seeing red

Toy Soldier tickets became available today and I signed up as quickly as I could ... only to get a shock afterwards when I read the WHFB rules pack.

If you've been following things I've been collecting and painting the elves since the end of last year with the hazy idea of getting back into WHFB and taking the army to a couple of tournaments. Well, it turns out that the army list I have been aiming towards falls foul of the event's comp restrictions - in short I'd have to lose two rare slots (eagles or bolt throwers) and the dragon. I could try and build an army which would work under those restrictions but it would mean buying and painting up a whole load more stuff which is a real blow when I thought I was so close to finishing.

With the release of the Blood Angels codex I have decided to jump ship and play 40k instead as I already have what I need bought and painted and I'll just need to do a few minor tweaks to get a nice list under the new rules. There's a remote chance that the events rules may be tweaked but with 40k filling up fast I didn't want to run the risk of not being able to go at all. TS is a fantastic event and its also a chance to a weekend away with friends, not being able to go at all was not an option I wanted to be left with.

Right now I'm quite sad about the whole thing, it feels like over the last few months I have been wasting my time on this project. As well as playing a few games with a more competative army than my Orcs I had hoped to be able to bring my shiny new army to the even and showcase the Mantic range to a whole host of people who might not have seen them up close before. I've also ducked out of another tournament that I was hoping to go to later in the year.


fiendil said...

Maelstrom over in Mansfield is striking distance. Their next FB tournament is sold out already, but these are coming up:

Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th - "Summer Incursion" is our second visit to the Warhammer Fantasy Battle world.

Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st - "The Mansfield Maul". This popular Warhammer Fantasy Battle event gets bigger and bigger and this year is being run by ourselves. Headed up by Tim Fisher and ably assisted by Gary Moore this promises to be the best Maul yet. Look out for more details."

fiendil said...

Oh yeah, and BOOOOO to the comp that leaves you knackered like that.

Could it not be a case of just taking the hit on the comp score. No disrespect to your play skills intended, but you're not going to be competing the top tables anyway, so losing some points to comp won't make that much difference, shirley?

Maccwar said...

Its not a question of taking a hit on the comp score, these are hard restrictions. If you don't comply then you won't be allowed to play.

The organisers have admitted that they slipped up on the selection of rares and have fixed that (mostly). But dragons are still out. My tactical nouse isn't good enough at the moment that I think I can dispense with the big gribbly (crutch) beastie so that still leaves me up the creek.

I'm still looking forward to the event as TS has a really good atmosphere and I'll be there with club mates.