Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Guards! Guards!

A work in progress shot of the palace guard.

The colours have been washed out a bit by the photo, they don't look quite so bland in real life. They still need something extra to make them look a bit more interesting, not quite sure what though.


Anonymous said...

Chainsaws, lesbians, really massive guns, or pirate-ninja-robot-zombies.

Green on the bases will help massively regardless of anything else.

It might help changing the leather of the gloves to a pale yellow, maybe? Or by adding some colour to the crest, or picking out some of the armour detail with gold.

Or even, if you were feeling really enthusiastic, small sashimonos. Or small penants attached to the axes just below the heads.

Maccwar said...

I realised I hadn't spotted the sleeves. Once they were done and the other bits tidied up they look a lot better.