Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Shielded from view

One thing I've not been so happy with about the scheme I've chosen for my elves is the little design I've been painting on the shields. I originally wanted to do a star but I couldn't find something that i could reproduce consistently so I settled with the cross and lines. Recently I've not been able to even do that properly (not sure if its the fault of the brush or the hands that hold it) so I finally made the decision to ditch the freehand symbol and use a transfer instead. I managed to find a design I liked at Veni Vidi Vici and bought three sheets of it scaled for 10mm shields. The transfers themselves are top notch and very easy to use. I like the result and I now plan to go back and use these for the whole army. Here are some comparison pictures:-

Oh and I've got a new camera and a photo tent, hopefully that'll mean better pictures from now on.


Anonymous said...

I've finally come to the conclusion that brushes are a consumable. I'll not use a "live" brush for basecoats, drybrush or varnishing, but once it can't hold a good point, it's not "live" and thus fair game to be wrecked.

Previously, I'd soldier on working with the brush even if the point was split or bent. Now, I just buy 3-4 fine brushes and a chisel-tip at once.

I'm sure Rich uses a proper brush cleaner to extend the life, but I've not got that far yet.

Maccwar said...

I have a slow rotation of brushes with newer ones shunting older ones into more demanding (demeaning?) roles.

I keep meaning to buy some brush soap but nobody round here seems to sell it. Mind you most of mu brushes only cost £1.75 in the first place. Maybe I should buy them in batches.