Tuesday, 22 November 2011

About time too

Life has been a bit too hectic for some time and eventually my movement disorder became so bad that the doctor signed me off work for two weeks. When I finally got full control of my limbs back I took this golden opportunity to chill out and get on with some of the painting I've not been able to do for ages.

As you will be able to see from the pictures below it has turned out to be a pretty productive time. Sorry about the picture quality, my camera is (still) missing (again) so I took these with my phone.

First up are a couple of minis I finished a while back but hadn't got round to posting. That's a Black Tree Design stone troll and a citadel goblin bolt thrower (which I lost for about 10 years!) both have been waiting for a very long time in the painting queue.


Next up we have some Mantic Elf Scouts. I bought these when Mantic were selling the individual sprues earlier in the year so that I could make up a second unit of 10 with the ones I got as free samples ages ago.


And finally (for today) we have the reinforcements for my orc units to bring them up to 30 models each. The extra rank should be handy for WHFB and it makes then the right size for Kings of War too. These were bought earlier this year.


And that's not all ... but you'll have to wait until tomorrow at least to see the rest as I have a few last things to finish off.

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Daniel King said...

Excellent, good to see some progress. :-) You need to find your camera though!