Saturday, 26 November 2011

And that's not all

Thursday was my last day off work which probably means it will be my last chance to do a big block of painting for a while. On Sunday I ordered some Reaper miniatures (from Spirit Games) which arrived on Tuesday. I held off working on them until I had the night goblins done as they were needed for a game of Warhammer on Wednesday whilst the Reaper minis were for our weekly D&D game on Thursday.

So this is what I managed to finish on Thursday - and apart from Hasslefree's Shimmer all these were unpainted when I picked up my paintbrushes on Thursday morning. It was a hectic day but I got all of them finished in time for the game.

And I found the camera at last so these pictures will be a bit better.

Firstly we have a bunch of character for our current Dark Sun 4e campaign along with a couple of others I had to hand.


And also some kids from Hasslefree for when I play RPGs with the girls.

Aren't they cute. Next up will probably be the Arachnarok.


Daniel King said...

Looking good! I was impressed to see them for our game. :-)

Fiendil said...

I keep meaning to comment, and keep failing to get to it.

Good to see stuff happening. That's a lot of Gobbos. How about making some unit fillers to make up those extra models you need to make it up to 80? Idols, carts piled with trophies, mushroom patches, heap-o'-goblins-having-a-fight?

I want an Arachnorok. Those look ace. However, I'm trying to thin out my stuff, and haven't played FB for a number of years now, and the small pile of goblins I picked up a few years back is on the to-sell heap.

How's the playing going? Sounds like there's roleplaying going on, but is there wargaming too?

Maccwar said...

Unit fillers, not that's an idea - I could paint up the goblin scenic bits from the battle for skull pass boxed set.

Apart from D&D I've not been getting much gaming in. I have been trying to play KoW when I can.