Monday, 6 February 2012

Has it all gone quiet?

No it has not! Whilst I may not have posted for a bit I have been busy painting away in the odd spare moment here and there. My persistence has paid off and I now have my FIRST FINISHED PROJECT OF 2012!

May I present to you the completed Space Hulk terminators.


Space Hulk has only been on the to-do list since 2009 so that's relatively quick by my standards. I have Dan to thank for the progress here as we arranged to get together to play the game which spurred me on to complete the project. Now I just need to get in some more games with this set.

And that's not all, we have more. Here are two more Mantic High Elf mages for my army. The mounted one is a limited edition figure that was only available with one of the army sets, I can't quite remember how I got my mits on one but those Mantic chaps can be very nice.


And there's still more, I was on a roll this weekend I can tell you. Here is an addition to my Kings of War dwarf army - a big and decidedly nasty Steel Behemoth. (The model is a Ramshackle Games brass coffin with a chimera turret)


Almost coming to the end of the list, but not quite yet. Next up is a Hasslefree barbarian for my D&D miniatures collection. The picture is rubbish but the miniature is lovely. My paint job here is a bit bland, I couldn't quite work out how to make it really pop but I have a mountain of miniatures to finish so on went the paint and now he's done.


Well that's all the finished stuff for now giving me a total of 21 miniatures and 1 vehicle painted so far this year against none purchased. At this point I'm hopeful of a pledge win for the year. I'll leave you with a quick snap of what's on my workbench at the moment, hopefully she'll be joining the painted pile soon enough.



Tristan M said...

Congrats on finishing your space hulk minis. Are the 'stealers painted? Would love to see some batreps with fully painted minis (hint hint, nudge nudge)

Maccwar said...

Thanks. The 'stealers got painted up a looong time ago.

They're here:-

I think I might be playing Space Hulk next Monday so I'll see if I can remember to take a few photos.

Fiendil said...

So, you're saying it's not "oh so quiet"? (Random video courtesy of the missus...)

Lovely looking toys, dude.

Let us know if you're going to do the Kings of War thing. Definitely can't play, cos I've got a place to be on the Saturday afternoon, but I'll come up for one of the lunchtimes to say hi.

Maccwar said...

Can't make the KoW tournament despite getting an invite. Severe lack of cash + not knowing if I would be able to drive put a stop to my plans. Will try and make the next one though.

Daniel King said...

Possible game tonight, will the Marines defeat the vicious and practically never ending Genestealer attack! 0_o