Friday, 4 January 2013

Objective acquired

So I’ve already pointed out that 2013 might already be a write off from the perspective of the pledge, I simply have too many miniatures coming my way from KickStarters to be able to succeed unless I manage to pack in 2-3 years of painting effort into this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be able to paint that many models it’s just that life in general, heath and other things conspire to give me a lot less painting time than I would like.

So if failure on the pledge itself is the most likely outcome then what objectives can I set myself for 2013 to keep up my motivation?

1) Play more games
Okay so the sharp eyed amongst you have maybe spotted that this isn’t actually a painting objective but getting to use the miniatures I’ve painted does help with the motivation to play more. My good friend Mr Dale has been on at me about this one for a while and I did make more of an effort in 2012 having regular games against Daniel. Hopefully 2013 will see more games played with a variety of armies and possibly new opponents.

2) Don’t make any impulse purchases
With a stack load of minis heading my way already I really must avoid adding to the problem further with impulse purchases. Buying miniatures in general should be avoided unless I’m plugging a specific gap in an army or trying to make it legal for tournament restrictions.

3) Paint at least 4 DreadBall teams
Having bought DreadBall I’d like to play some games with it. At the very least I’d like to get the four teams from season 1 painted up and ready to play by the end of Q1.

4) Paint my Dwarf Army
At the beginning of almost every year I think to myself that I really need to finish my Dwarf army. This year I really need to put some serious effort into it. I now have the colour scheme and the techniques all sorted so all that’s required is for me to get on with it and not get SQUIRREL! distracted.

Of course there’s plenty more I’d like to do as well but we’ll just have to see if there’s time.

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