Monday, 4 February 2013

One month down, 11 to go

I finally have something to show you. This weekend saw a flurry of activity as the photos below will attest. First up - I finished the basing on the dwarf unit I painted in 2012 so it was ready to be snapped and added to the gallery. I'm aiming to get more of these guys done during the course of the year as they are easy to paint.

 photo ffec84f7b80563ab6e34c21a903b18b8.jpg

Next up is the first completed figure of 2013. I finished her right at the beginning of the year but didn't want to add her to the gallery until I had the dwarves up there. She is a Reaper miniatures fairy I painted up for daughter number 3. As purple is her favourite colour she has gone down a storm.

 photo 8c04369a846fdbc7fc31de3b36ee9d0d.jpg

This weekend saw me complete the extra figures I will need for the Clash of Kings tournament coming up next weekend. The five cav were ordered in Mantic's recent sale and were half their usual price! I bought them so that I could drop the command group on my two units of stormwind cavalry to save points. Having learned from my previous experiences, this time I glued the horses for the raised lance poses further back on the bases and at an angle so that they will rank up better. At some point later in the year I will be getting a lod more of these in restic from the KoW kickstarter, it will be interesting to see how they compare.

 photo 25f9775c0e550f3f9a7d9997dbe09c7a.jpg

And finally I have some objective markers I made for KoW out of Warpath bases. They should be both easy to spot and easy to balance models and units on.

 photo dbbf7af77b1babc705b264d5e832df62.jpg

That's it for now but I have a load of stuff on the workbench right now including DreadBall teams, dungers and some more Reaper Bones. Hopefully I will have more stuff to show off later in the month.

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