Thursday, 25 April 2013

Do we need another hero?

Yes, I think we do. This nice chap from Hasslefree miniatures will be taking on the role of Caramon in the DragonLance saga.

 photo 5cb8ddea0328ce2410a8c0f8801c75ca.jpg

Looking at him in close-up I can see areas where my painting could have been better but for the sake of making inroads into my lead mountain I will let them slide. That last 10% (or in this chap's case 20%) of finish can take a lot of extra time which right now I'd rather be spending on painting up more miniatures.


adeptgamer said...

It looks great, and frankly you are probably the only one who sees those flaws. I know that is how it is with me. :)

Maccwar said...

Thanks and you're probably right of course.

Anyway I'm aiming for tabletop and not display standard so I shouldn't really blow the images up quite so much. :)

Tristan M said...

will we see Raistlin?

Maccwar said...

I think I have one of the Reaper Bones minis earmarked as Raistlin when they arrive.