Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Just filling time

I've got a Kings of War game coming up tonight against regular opponent Dan. To vary things a bit I've decided to field my goblin army and as this is his last proper warm up game for the Pathfinder tournament this weekend I've been trying to tweak my army to make it a bit more effective. Last (and only) game with goblins in KoW I fielded a hurriedly put together army of what I had ready and it didn't fare well at all. With the Mawbeast packs already done (see previous post) it was time to turn my attention to sorting out the rest of the army.

First up my goblin infantry (mostly painted in 2011 before the current edition of KoW), originally I had painted these for WHFB and had thought that large formations would be handy. With KoW it seems like these are best fielded as chaff in small units. Unfortunately I didn't have quite enough models to field them in units for 20 without command so instead I pave painted up some unit fillers to make up the numbers. The mushrooms are from Crooked Claw miniatures.

 photo 4e1339811e0d92429826c65b17a2fa4b.jpg

And here are the units with the fillers in place (5 lots of 20).

 photo 7d5c206b7a4c5160c6196e2c15a7e0cc.jpg

As well as the infantry I have also been JP-ing (rebasing) my war machines and tarting up some 20 year old paint schemes. They're short on crew at the moment but I've found some in a box and they're on the painting table right now.

 photo b6c7a66295f01719ff4a78de90d53849.jpg

So roll on tonight's game - I hope all the effort was worth it.

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