Thursday, 23 May 2013

Judwan done!

Wow, that was quick - I only got these primed on Monday and now they're all done, a complete Judwan Dreadball team. That's the first of the season 2 teams complete with three more to go. They were very quick to paint up and maybe not to my best standard but they're ready for play.

 photo 6701788612cb799071688209c907a04a.jpg

I also completed the fist of my MVPs, Mee-Kel Judwan. I'm planning to paint most of my MVPs in team neutral colours but as MKJ only plays for Judwan teams I decided to paint him up with the rest of the team.

 photo 4245c862c233d420ef54cf4ecb09fb6a.jpg

I have already made a start on the next team, the female human team but with half term coming up for my daughters it might be a little longer before I can get them completed.

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