Thursday, 13 June 2013

More guards

I decided to take a quick break from painting DreadBall minis and paint up some more elves. The trigger for this was organising a game of KoW and deciding I wanted to use more palace guard in the list. I dug out the palace guard I bought in January(-ish) to use to plug the gaps left by removing the banner and musician from the units (to save on points).

 photo dd7e539f563e00024cf51293e147ed80.jpg

It was a nice change to paint some elves again as it has been a while. Whilst I was doing the palace guard I decided to paint up a couple of siege engine crew which were also on the to-be-painted tray.

 photo caa9b8ad42ef4a842442d01ea3b556ce.jpg

The Dragons Breath engine itself will be done when I work out what colours I want it to be.

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