Friday, 6 December 2013

Xenomorph project.

I have mentioned many times that I, just like may other wargamers, tend to flit between projects instead of seeing things to completion. I was suffering froma complete lack on inspiration to complete any of the projects on my workbench so I ended up starting a new one ... or more precisely digging out an old one to work on again.

Several years ago I had some ideas for coming up with my own board game based on the Aliens films. After mulling things over for a while I eventually took the plunge and bought a load of 10mm miniatures from the Pendraken Sci-Fi range in 2007. I then spent ages gathering images from the films for painting inspiration, textures for the tiles etc etc and then promptly put everything in a box and left it to gather dust.

One of the reasons for giving up was that I couldn't come up with a suitable way of basing the miniatures economically. I wanted to base them individually but nowhere seemed to produce bases small enough. thin enough or cheap enough for what I had planned. I experimented with washers but realised that it might cost more to base the miniatures than they had cost in the first place.
During the 'wilderness years' of the project I had occasionally added little bits here and there like PDFs of tiles etc but it was the recent Prodos AvP Kickstarter which started me thinking about my own project again and the basing problem. A solution finally came to me - tiddly winks would be the right size, shape and are nice and cheap. I checked eBay and bought a pack of 100 of them for a little over £2. With the basing issue resolved I could now make a proper start on the project.

Here are some of the miniatures based on tiddly winks.

 photo 5e2dc22d3cbc7b66b51bac83ba9fd1b2.jpg

I've added bits of aluminium mesh to the bases to make them look a bit nicer.

 photo 081336562c03700a82ef30419bdf2020.jpg

Here is the current state of the project - just a few more bases to finish.

 photo 2d4b5db7f2abea0ab075b16cd48e89d3.jpg

And these are my colour scheme testers. They paint up pretty quickly so there is a chance I will actually finish this project.

 photo a3c64b44c817e3d224770738c4932977.jpg

And another look. I don't fancy those marines' chances.

 photo abe6545e26d962627ffd9a8c0e21f220.jpg

Looks like I have plenty to be getting on with.

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