Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Me and my squad of ultimate bad-asses will protect you!

And the Colonial Marines are now painted. Painting 10mm models sure is quicker than 28mm ones.

 photo e9a06ff761b2641f5a703f573dcef989.jpg

Here's a bit of a closer shot.

 photo d0828c1f3ad4d31ec4c479403cf3975b.jpg

And here's a squad deploying from the APC.

 photo 879c991dcc772f9bf8b39260854934de.jpg

And of course they'll need some opposition too. The Aliens are almost complete - just the egg clusters to go.

 photo 737bc071e74d8269a3547ccf37995e35.jpg

And our final shot of the day are two colour scheme testers for the Wayland-Yutani corporation force.

 photo e31ba9c7b0ff58938241713f0ed42a62.jpg

The game itself is coming on nicely. Dan came over last night and we gave the rules a first shakedown. Noty only was the game quite playable but it also fun too. It still has plenty of rough edges and the balance needs a lot of work but it is a promising start.

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