Monday, 24 February 2014

Carnage City Rocks

Welcome to Carnage photo Carnage.png

Carnegie City (or Carnage City to those who live there) is the setting for my Officer Down rules which will pit criminal gangs against each other and against law enforcement for control of the streets of Carnage.

I first started this project over 10 years ago and it has featured every year in my "Scale of the problem" posts as "SWAT teams and Criminals". The miniatures themselves are mostly base coated but the project itself has foundered mainly due to a lack of suitable scenery in my collection. I have started addressing the scenery side of things and here is my first completed batch. These are some lovely resin pieces by Ainsty - I think I might end up buying some more items from them soon.

 photo fec13421ebe9e96196cd20216d7dea5d.jpg

 photo 3c88855bf6e6c2ed903350f6b55e5dce.jpg

 photo cd8e76f5311c5e7f4ff5c2fa051652f5.jpg

And this little song keeps running round my head.

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