Monday, 17 February 2014

Lots and lots for us to see, lots and lots for us to do

I've had somewhat of a productive weekend and I've cleared a lot of stuff off my workbench that I've been chipping away at from some time.

First up is a reaper bones mini which will be used for Raistlin in our Dragonlance campaign.

 photo 53823f4a26e0c7a2d27fef46fffc7c8d.jpg

Next up a mimic and a treasure chest (bones again) which means I have finished all the bones set dressing items as requested by Daniel.

 photo 1ffdba8a1004a76ec82a64ad831c2500.jpg

Moving swiftly along we have 10 Mantic Revenants. I don't intend to use these in my KoW army, I originally bought these to make a SoBaH warband with but now they will probably get used more for D&D.

 photo 68d38a7a8a071a70e3dddd1ec27c56f3.jpg

And the we get on to the things that will be part or my KoW undead army - Firstly a Vampire and a Revenant King. These are both easy conversions combining Mantic parts with GW LOTR Morgul Knights.

 photo 5fefb164d85be6d8691904991b1818db.jpg

I've also painted up Mhorgoth the faceless to act as another Necromancer in my army - I doubt I will use him much as a living legend.

 photo b8c577074b1a03a588c0c4b19623487a.jpg

And lastly I have s sneak peek of some scenery I built this weekend for my Officer Down game.

 photo 2072b3cb4105cb998bb02c45b2b0e74a.jpg

These are superb kits from Sarissa Precision. They were fantastically easy to assemble and they look great - now I just need to work out how to paint them.

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