Wednesday, 25 March 2015


For various reasons March hasn't seen me add much to the painted pile. Not only has it been a busy month but also my PNKD has been pretty bad which has wiped out any chance of painting in most of the free time I have managed to find.

I have managed to complete some Reaper Bones Drow which are needed for the D&D campaign - in fact this week's session is likely to conclude the Drow adventure so I've only just finished then in time.

 photo a9864fd7e85d7f116f6a263b5655c875.jpg

March's other finished items are all scenery - three buildings made from Mantic's Mars Attacks scenery.

 photo b5a2704ad07a6bc886ad14e322e5558b.jpg

 photo b5d4cda6d40fb9a912619e68fc774ff6.jpg

 photo e038ba5af3b532c3e10a73a9a517813a.jpg

 photo 0ad5bfcd6304b8ae689ed7e7022fd2cf.jpg

 photo 773fbf0b4af80f35b90b886342798d0e.jpg

 photo 6cd5a761c9670bcfa40095d9d6fcde4b.jpg

 photo d0a16000c4e68589ca783a4091143c63.jpg

 photo 6b59461096ec30f6774bef85d61ada36.jpg

 photo 602f626470cb3c217e9459de31398215.jpg

Those are the final three buildings planned for the Officer Down table leaving just a few odds and ends to complete on that project.

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