Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Creating a buzz

And the painted miniatures counter passes the 100 mark with the addition of my DreadBall Zzor team to the painted pile.

Here are the starting 8:-

 photo adc8e323612f57c7b6df2f99218db0fe.jpg

And the reserves:-

 photo c428c1cc23cddc658b519e6a0b9c1e62.jpg

Free agents, prones and Ludvig:-

 photo a8723db654c0917c14f6f14c58f0dfda.jpg

And a shot of Ludvig's wings:-

 photo e79f3b293326f3c229b991fdcfb3b5bb.jpg

And a group shot of all 20 of them:-

 photo ac2f031a70dd1d6ae1bcf280acc82c12.jpg

Phew! Unfortunately my hard work has been a little undone by getting carried away in the Mantic sale and buying three Dreadball Season 3 boosters to complete my season 3 teams.

The objective of completing all my Dreadball miniatures this year is looking achievable though as is the 300 miniatures mark.

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