Monday, 20 April 2015

Ogres of character and distinction

Its been a while since I have progressed my ogre army. I had a game the other week using the Ogres with the KoW playtest rules and they were very brutal and fun to play too. The experience rekindled my enthusiasm for getting the army painted up so I got on with the ogre characters who have been sitting on my workbench since January or so. I'm quite pleased with how these turned out.

 photo d2790d8f0ee3ec55e958569ec6b53f38.jpg

 photo 44cfeadb2254632aba66d79be5a18fa7.jpg

 photo de23bc98b7dae263cce3b2718f72d157.jpg

 photo 1ed4f88e68eb940af485877a0aece759.jpg

And a group shot.

 photo 8517df059076b8519f14bd0268da25aa.jpg
I'm now working on some charioteers, hopefully I can finish them soon and get cracking on the rest of the army.


adeptgamer said...

Excellent work. IMHO Mantic models are very hard to make look good and you've done a terrific job!

Maccwar said...

Thanks for the complement. I'd agree that some Mantic models are hard to make look good but by no means all. The ogres are genuinely nice models and I have seen some really good painted ones on the web.