Wednesday, 22 April 2015

They see me rollin'

And the ogre chariots are finally complete. These chaps have taken longer than expected to finish and have been languishing part completed on my workbench for some time. Its good to see them done - now I can press on with something else.

A regiment of three chariots:-

 photo ec1c693b9df58d4c1abbd30f276ab9d8.jpg

 photo 603006abbe6083d64ca0dbb05422ab5a.jpg

 photo 965086e45df491eb7aa2dd4f7d73e1c0.jpg

And an ogre character on chariot.

 photo f78529273ef574376a637cc89cd9685f.jpg

 photo e71d3050bf94300c2c7b58fe339c554c.jpg

Not sure what will be next - maybe some more ogre rank and file.

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