Monday, 28 September 2015


More results from the concentrated effort to get my army ready for the Clash of Kings. These are two "Orc Crushers" from Raccolor Art, I bought them to use as Mangler Squigs back when I was still interested in WHFB 8th. They have been sitting in one of my army cases for years and might have been there for much longer had I not decided to use an army list including two giants. Now I have a lovely giant that I painted some time ago from Ultraforge but the problem is that he dwarfs most giants on the market and getting another giant to pair with him would have been a problem so I decided to paint the bouncy squigs instead.

 photo 8041fdfcf62754fda65a073d59ffae3a.jpg

I rather like how they've turned out. Long term these will be used in my goblin army and may be used as either Giants or Slashers.

That just leaves me with three more ogres to complete for the event ... or it would have done if I hadn't decided to dig out an old goblin army standard bearer miniature I converted but didn't finish painting many years ago. I'm now trying to get him ready to take with me too.

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