Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The chequered flag

And over the line we go. With one last push I have completed all the miniatures for my Clash of Kings army.

This little chap is a goblin army standard bearer who has been in the works for at least 10 years! The wolf is from a hobgoblin special character and the banner pole is from a space wolves dreadnought. After many years in bits he is finally ready to ride the battlefield.

 photo fd175d1407a51c674e94cc5e09671fbf.jpg

With the army out of the way I set about tidying up my workbench. Firstly a very quick paint splatter on a Hasslefree Lenore. Lovely miniature, mediocre paint job.

 photo 86b290ffa57bead9a3f0947cbe8eadd7.jpg

And finally (for now) a Reaper Bones cleric. He's been knocking around my paint station for at least a year so I thought it was high time I finished him and reclaimed the space. Not fantastic but he's done and that's what counts.

 photo 8decfd6b6997964e115e1f964ef4066a.jpg

I'm working on a few other miniatures I've had hanging around so with a bit of luck I will have more progress to report before too long.

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