Saturday, 12 November 2016

Funny looking elves if you ask me

Okay so maybe I won't paint up the rest of the elves just yet. I had fully intended to but instead the I detoured and painted something else instead.

This week I have been PNKD free for the first time in ages which has been brilliant. The only down side is that I no longer seem to be used to setting hunched over at the table painting for hour after hour like I used to and I now have a sore back. I will have to limit the length of my painting sessions until I recover.

The extra time to paint has borne fruit as you can see below. It also gave me the chance to put a little more effort into my painting instead of painting things in a tearing hurry, as a result I am quite proud of the results.

These two giants are from the Reaper Bones range and will join my KoW Ogre army.

Here is one of the new giants (left) alongside an identical mini I painted up for my D&D campaign last year (right). I'm not sure that the photo shows it but the highlights are much more subtle and realistic on the newer one.

Also joining the painted pile are the two Mantic Lykanis miniatures I bought recently which will be leading the werewolf contingent in my KoW undead army.

These were fun to paint up and quick too.

Maybe now I should be getting on with those elves after all.

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