Monday, 7 November 2016

The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

The end of the year is approaching fast, way too fast it would seem for me to meet my target of 300 painted miniatures this year.

I'm still working though the pile of Mantic elves and I have 20 of them almost done - they just need their bases finished and the shield decals applied for them to be finished. I'm holding off on doing those for the moment until I have the next batch of 20 in a similar state as it will be easier to do them all in one go.

Without these I still have painted 160 28mmeq so far so I should easily beat the 200 barrier even if 300 is looking out of reach.

After such a good run of not buying things in the first part of the year I seem to have slipped back on some bad habits.
  • 2 Bones Hill Giants
  • Bones Stone Giant
  • 3 Mantic Ogre Hunters
  • 2 Mantic Lykanis (Werewolf leader)
  • Dwarf Berserk Brock Lord
  • 6 Mantic Zombie Command
Despite this I'm still 115 miniatures in the good as far as the pledge goes and there is a chance I will get all of them painted before the end of the year.

And to round out this update here are the latest additions to the painted pile, a Rust Monster and some Spiders all from my Reaper Bones 1 box. These were a nice break between painting up lots of elves.

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