Monday, 2 January 2017

2016 Is it over yet?

Unfortunately my planned push to complete the elves before the end of 2016 didn't happen. I had been painting away merrily and looking like I would meet the target but I hadn't bargained on being the victim of an assault in early December (it certainly wasn't on my to do list). Fortunately I escaped with mostly cuts and bruises but it put paid to any more painting for a few weeks. I managed to pick up my paint brushes yesterday for the first time since the incident and I will have to keep my painting sessions brief until I am fully recovered from my injuries. At least I have a load of painted and part painted elves from November and early December which I will now be completing in 2017 to give myself a bit of a head start.

So how did I do with the pledge in 2016?

Total Painted 170 (138)
Total Bought 90
Balance 80

Meaning that 2016 was a WIN for the wargamers pledge for the third year in a row.

What about my other hobby objectives for the year?
  • Paint more than 300 miniatures: Fail - Without sustaining injuries I might have made it but we will never know.
  • Don't start any new projects: Pass - No new armies, systems or scales, yay!
  • 2016 the year of completing things: Fail - I got very close to finishing my elf army but didn't actually finish off any projects.
On the bright side my movement disorder seems to be behaving itself at the moment so if things continue 2017 might be a bumper year for painting. I can at least hope that it will be anyway.

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