Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Lets get this party started

I am pleased to present my first painted models of 2017. Some of these were started back in November but my enforced painting hiatus prevented me from finishing them. Over the last few days I have been doing the last few steps to finish them all off, final highlights, painting the bases, adding the decals and painting the movement trays. For some reason I thought those would be relatively quick tasks but for one reason or another they really seemed to drag this time and it took way longer than anticipated. But that doesn't matter now - they're done, and what's more those are the very last of the elf infantry for my elf army. Just the cavalry to go and the army will be 100%  complete.

So starting off the year with a big fat 40 in the painted column would be a great start for the pledge if I hadn't already fallen off the wagon and made some purchases. I skilfully avoided buying anything in the January sales but met my match at Warboot (a war games bring and buy sale) at the Northwest Gaming Centre on Sunday. In my own defence I got a serious bargain.

That's 120 or so Mantic undead (with some GW and Avatars of War characters) which I got for the grand total of £15! There were even some random Vikings loitering in the box too. I also picked up a copy of Project Z for £15 (another 41 miniatures) and 4 Bretonnian knights for the Brotherhood project for a mere £5. All of which means I am already about 119 miniatures behind on the pledge, oops. I might sell on some of the bits I don't need from my Warboot haul which will straighten things out a little but I think I need to do a whole lot of painting to catch up.

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