Thursday, 10 April 2008

And again ...

7 more goblins down ... only 12 more to go. I've now passed the half way mark on this project. (That put me up to 59 painted so far Sam!)

On the negative side I ordered a shed load more Maidenhead stuff from Artemis Black's. I've now ordered enough stuff for a reasonable starter army. The ebay bits and bobs should be dropping on to the doormat today or tomorrow so I'll be able to get cracking any time now. I think I should finish the gobbos and paint up the giant before I really get under way though.

I've been looking at colour schemes and I think I would like to do my Sabre Tooth Cats like this. I'm still looking for something Id like to copy for the Terror Bird though. Any ideas?


Artemis Black said...


Maccwar said...

Nice one Artemis.

Almost makes me want to make 'Ark Ark!' noises. :-)