Monday, 14 April 2008

The green suits you madam

I bought MarioKart Wii on Saturday ... I have a funny feeling that this might eat into my available painting time. Despite this I still managed to have a productive weekend.

On Sunday afternoon I decided to have a go at protecting the modesty of the Babes that Time Forgot. I dug out my green stuff and my new modelling tools and armed with tips from the internet (including FU-UK) I set to work adding extra clothing to the babes. I've only ever really used green stuff/milliput/modelling clay to fill gaps in miniatures before. The one time I have used it to add to a miniature was simply for adding straps to my Black Orc battle standard bearer recently (which worked pretty well actually). I have no illusions about being a sculptor and I was looking forward to this task with a certain amount of trepidation, after all it would be fairly easy to ruin a perfectly good miniature with a botched job.

I am happy to report that it all went rather well (I think). I decided that the original plan of furry bikinis might be a little ambitious for a first try so I opted to do simple boob tubes instead. Getting the green stuff to stick to the miniature was the hard part (my green stuff is several years old) but a combination of patience and vegetable oil saw me through. So far I think I am happy with the results but I'll wait until I see how they paint up before I make up my mind.

After all that I still had plenty of green stuff mixed up so I decided to try and make some 15mm scale squigs for my HOTT night goblin army. I made 8 bodies/heads but the legs and tails will have to wait until next time. The results were not so good (sculpting really is hard) but they might look okay with a bit of paint on them. At the moment they are nicknamed 'the angry peas'!

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Anonymous said...

My Milliput is over a decade old, and it still works fine.

Thoroughly agree on the sculpting thing though.

I don't know how much attention you paid to this one, but the thing about leaving the clay to set for 20 minutes before working in the details I've tried and got results with. The broadside conversion got Milliputted, and I got some nice smooth surfaces and sharp edges by putting the basic shape in place, then coming back 20 minutes later with the knife.

I need to scupt the keel onto a plastic Mighty Empires ship tonight. Eep.