Wednesday, 9 April 2008

He's off again ...

5 more goblins added to the painted pile and 7 more almost complete. Not a bad evening's work. I should soon be able to play SoBaH at the club.

I've been making a few more purchases. On their way to me at this moment are some bags of slate chips for the bases of the Maidenhead minis and some sculpting tools to help me do their bikinis.

On the army list front I have realised that if I switch to a Beasts of Chaos army then I will be able to use the same army I had been planning on with only minimal changes.


Anonymous said...

I'd recommend figuring out some Dragon Ogre proxies. I took the Beasts out last year against Dwarves, and the 3 Dragon Ogres were magnificent. They shredded everything put in front of them, unlike most of the army. (It helped that the Dwarf gunfire was aimed at the Minotaurs and the Hounds, but, y'know.)

By my counting, I'm still one model ahead in the painted pile.

Just a shame about the bought and sold heaps.

First ship is painted, and the conversion is coming along nicely. Check the pics on beatenzone.

Maccwar said...

For Dragon Ogres I have been thinking of using these:-

Not particularly Dragon Ogre-ish but the best thing I could find to fit in with the theme.

With regards to painted minis I've just pipped you again by finishing another 7 gobbos last night. I think I'm two ahead. :-)

I like the pics of the Manowar stuff - that seems to be going well.

Maccwar said...

Darn it. Assemble your own URL.


Anonymous said...

That's an awesome model and it needs using. It, however, makes me think immediately of Slaine, as I'm sure the creature is a take on the thing that comes out of Danu's cauldron at one point. And the lass looks like a female (and not rotten) take on Slough Feg.

I not quite sure it'd work as a dragon ogre. I think you'd want heavier armour and a big weapon (or two slightly less big weapons). And 3 of them.

Hmmm... Warmachine warjacks or Hordes warbeasts could work...