Tuesday, 29 July 2008

A short round-up

Oops, slight lack of updates recently.

Since my last post I have been busy with things like preparing for an upcoming house move and going to family celebrations. All this hasn't left much time for painting but I have still managed to squeeze in a little work on the Nemesis Goblins for the SoBaH warband. I experimented with using the new citadel washes alongside my normal techniques and I think the results have worked well. I'm pretty close to finishing this project so I really should put in the effort and get it finished.

In other news I have started shifting a few things on Ebay in preparation for the house move.

I've also be toying with the idea of adding horrors to my chick army using the GW dryad models. If I trim off the leafy bits and paint them as horrors then I think they will work well.

The last news item is that at last I have found my camera! For some reason it was in the back of my wife's car.

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