Friday, 14 November 2008

Downhill from here

I've been busy ... and I've been unwell ... and I've been lazy too all of which put together explain the lack of recent posts. Since I last posted I have painted nothing (oops) and bought nothing (well that's okay then). I did manage to put together some space marine bikes but until today that's all I've managed.

Work, family and 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons have been occupying most of my time. I'm now DMing a 4th edition group once a week and having a lot of fun. 'But surely you need miniatures for 4th ed D&D' I hear you say. Not true. Although I'd strongly recommend using something to keep track of combats, actual miniatures are not required. I made a decision early on to use a lovely piece of software called MapTool instead. Instead of miniatures we now use digital tokens on digital maps which is pretty neat.

I've had a lot of PNKD attacks recently and the doc signed me off work this week to try and stabilise things. I'm feeling much better today so I managed to fit in some painting. I'm now down to the last 4 Nemesis goblins and I've even made a start on the giant (evidence below). I think I've recovered a bit of my enthusiasm for painting again so hopefully it won't be so long before I get on with things again.

Nemesis goblins and the GIANT

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