Saturday, 22 November 2008

Something a bit different

This afternoon I turned my talents to something a little bit different. Smallest daughter is a complete Dr Who nut and had a bit of a paddy in woolies this morning when she wasn't allowed to take home the entire Dr Who toy shelf. Whilst she went for her nap I decided to make her a but of a surprise, a tardis play set including the Dr, some assistants and some adversaries. So far its still in one piece and she played with it right up until bed time so I think that's an afternoon well spent.

The Tardis


Anonymous said...

That's awesome. Cardboard + pictures off the interweb + printer?


Maccwar said...

You forgot the other part of the equation.

Cardboard + pictures off the interweb + printer = 1 happy child

Its looking a bit more battered now than it was and K9 suffered a bit when she got hungry.