Sunday, 17 January 2010

Its official!

Yes, I am now officially sick of painting elves.

The good news is actually finished every last one of them so that's a score on the projects complete chart right off.

The bad news is that I've also bought two new 15mm armies. If you were paying attention you will have spotted the inclusion of a 15mm penguin and a 15mm dark elf army in the post below.

So on figures painted I'm at 18 painted vs 0 bought (in 28mm) but on projects is 1 completed vs 2 new. Mixed results but I'm happy right now.

I'll get some pictures of the elves up after I finish basing them.


fiendil said...

"I am now officially sick of painting elves"

Just in time for Mantic to release undead.

Any particular reason for the new 15mm forces? Tournament/campaign, or just "oooo shiny"?

Maccwar said...

Nope, I'm not investing in the undead. I might pick up some of the cavalry though.

I've been thinking of getting some of the splintered light dark elves since they were released, their new year sale tipped me over the edge. The penguins are to try and lure the smaller members of the household into playing games more frequently.

fiendil said...

I want Asterix HOTT armies, but the only models I've seen are horrible sculpts.

I recently saw this guy:

...converted with a penguin head under his arm, on a little iceberg, with the headless body of a penguin warrior behind him.

Fairly sure it was on coolminiornot.

Might not be one for the girls just yet though...