Sunday, 3 January 2010

The scale of the problem (2010 edition)

Carrying on the tradition I thought start the year with a look at what still remains in the lead pile.

28mm Scale Projects

Orcs and Goblins
System: Warhammer
Status: 300 or so figures painted, 50 more or so in the lead pile
Comments: Over 3000 points + options available for use. No progress during 2009.

System: Warhammer
Status: 18 knights started, about 100 more models unpainted. No progress in 2009.

System: Warhammer
Status: 85% unpainted, about 100-150 models in total.
Comments: At least they're assembled. Should be 2500-3000 points easily when done. 30 odd models added during 2009.

High Elves
System: Warhammer
Status: 50% unpainted
Comments: New project added during 2009. Current army clocks in at around 1000 points. I would like to expand the army to around 2000+ points before the summer if possible.

Wood Elves
System: Song of Blades and Heroes
Status: Completed (and started in 2009)
Comments: My only finished project for the year.

Blood Angels
System: Warhammer 40K
Status: Still about 1/4 of the army unfinished.
Comments: Over 1500 points + options available for use. Bikes, a land raider and some veterans added during 2009.

Space Hulk
System: Space Hulk
Status: About 2/3 finished. All of the Genestealers are completed, just the marines to go.
Comments: New project started in 2009.

SWAT teams and Criminals
System: Officer Down, about 40 models in total.
Status: 80% painted
Comments: The problem with this project is that it needs more scenery. No progress in 2009.

10/15mm Scale Projects

Aliens and Marines
System: Xenomorph
Status: In the post
Comment: A late 2007 purchase. About 40-60 models in total. No progress in 2009.

High Elves
System: HOTT
Status: Unpainted (48 points + options). No progress in 2009.

System: HOTT
Status: Unpainted. No progress in 2009.

Dark Elves
System: HOTT
Status: Unpainted (24npoints + options). Bought January 2010.

System: HOTT
Status: Unpainted (24 points + options). Bought January 2010.

System: DBA
Status: Unpainted. No progress in 2009.

Later Muslim Indian
System: DBA
Status: Unpainted. No progress in 2009.

Later Achmeneid Persian
System: DBA
Status: 30% Painted. No progress in 2009.

Summary - As with last year there's plenty in the lead pile to be getting on with.


fiendil said...

I think I really should do this...

Are you looking at any of this as potential things to sell, or is this all wanted? (I'm not fishing for stuff, it's just I'm identifying more stuff that I'll never use.)

And what about your 6mm and 2mm? Or are they all completed?

Maccwar said...

They're all mine, d'you hear me MINE! Get your grubby mits off. :)

I've sold off most of the stuff I no longer want, I'm down to a few last bits and bobs now and those items aren't on the project list.

2mm is all completed. 6mm Blood Angels are in good shape but maybe need a couple of extra options (and some more thunderhawks when I win the lottery). 6mm Imperial Guard is close to being finished but I never seem to have got round to it. Nobody round here plays epic any more. :(

Ooh just spotted you got round to posting something on your blog. Time to check it out.