Sunday, 31 January 2010

March of the Penguins

Yes, they're done, the penguins I mean. These 15mm scale penguins (about 8mm tall) from Khurasan Miniatures. I chose to paint them up as Adelie penguins as the fit the sculpts, are easy to do and Wikipedia notes "They are also very aggressive to other penguins that steal stones from their nest". After reading that I had to make their nests the stronghold!


From arrival to completion in less than two weeks is probably a record for me.


fiendil said...

I would say "now I've seen it all", but, not only have I seen the Baywatch HOTT army, but that's just asking for the retort "have you seen a man eat his own head?"

Nicely done with the feathered fiends. Who are they being paired with?

Maccwar said...

I've got no direct pair for them yet. Until I sort something out they can probably fight the fishmen as that sort of works.