Saturday, 1 January 2011

2010's final efforts

Here are the elves I painted in such a hurry for the Autumn Showdown. I ended up fielding seaguard to make the minimum core points as I didn't have enough spear elves painted.

I've since fixed some of he painting errors shown off by that photo.

Next up we have some adventurers I painted up to represent 4 of the 5 members of the D&D party in my Thursday night campaign. From left to right we have Niamh (an ice wizard), Davven ( a monk), Leona (a thief) and Magnamous (a cleric).

And lastly we have some Ral Partha AD&D miniatures I got way back in 1994 with a starter set TSR put out called "First Quest". A mere 16 year wait in the painting queue - nothing unusual about that round here.

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